first post

21 10 2009

A shared place for further exploration of XQ.

There are other bits and bobs, such as the minimal pythagorean visual proof or the relationship between times tables and fractions, the shape of numbers wrt primes and square numbers etc, and the edges bleed into the confluence model et al, however I’d like to keep this blog focusing on exploring alternative interpretations of simple maths conventions as and when they arise.

Remember, XQ is about using maths as a reflective surface. Standard maths has been used as a tool for monkey to measure, model and thus control the external world of objects. It is also a pure field in itself, as it were. XQ is about exploring the subjective correlates within the mind represented by arithmetic and mathematical procedures.

A slight variation, XQ+, is when we actually alter the mathematical conventions, for example by replacing the notion that negative means oppositive positive with negative as not. Perhaps a new system might be generated, like non-euclidean maths… which we might call non-dual maths.

Finally, applying this type of maths comes in two ways. First, simply contemplating the subjective correlates is a tool for self-exploration. Second, we might be able to derive formula, like newton did with his physics, such that performing the maths actually resolves internal subjective disorders. That is, my manipulating the symbols we simultaneously manipulate the pre-conscious subjective aspects of out mind, ideally with the objective of releasing, solving, dissipating various forms of antagonisms and knots that interfere with a clean engagement with actuality and with one another. A slightly modified maths, XQ+, might be better suited for this, and the first post is an example of this.




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