consolidating not-addition

23 10 2009

Last night, came upon the rather nice and neat set of not-addition thinking along the lines of p, not-p, both p and not-p, neither p and not-p.

2, the whole positive number, eg the point on the number line at 2. The number which refers to the two-like thing of conceptual reality, which happens to correspond to two items out there in reality. TWO

-2, negative two, the not-two number, eg the point on the number line at 2, not that :) The number which refers to the imaginary quality of two, purely held in the mind, eg as 2 oranges.  NOT TWO

– 2, subtract two, less two, ignore two, eg the vector retraced from two back to zero. With three held up fingers, ignore the two turned down. BOTH TWO AND NOT TWO.

the difference between eg 5 and 3. Holding up five fingers on one hand, three in the other, what’s the difference? NEITHER TWO AND NOT TWO.

I get the last two confused. Can’t tell what is operating in my head. When holding up two hands, I ignore the two fingers turned down on the hand with three fingers, but I become aware of the extra two in the other hand with five fingers. Perhaps that’s BOTH TWO AND NOT TWO.

Hmmm… add two and subtract two are verbs, we do something, and normally we think of this as things physical. If we consider this to be project two and ignore two respectively, that is the mental equivalents, this makes some kind of sense. This is akin to vectors. Positive and negative two, then, are the static forms, 2 and -2 on the number line as it were. The two things in actuality that give rise to sensation, and the imaginary two things in my mind. The difference question is a comparative question, almost along the lines of ratio, of fraction… perhaps it is a completely different order of question, or a compound one?

Hmm, and I thought I had come up with something simple.




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