Brain gym

7 07 2010

“What are ideas?”

“Hmmm – not sure how I’d define an idea. I’d have to think about it … One thing I do know is that you have them – like having a baby … or sometimes they are so much a part of you it’s more like having a nose, or a navel.”

“What, like conceiving of concepts?”

“If you want to play on words – yes. I think great ideas are self-conceptual.”

“So what makes a great idea?”

“You know (at first the words are spoken eagerly … fast, to gain time to think, and to attempt to seek affinity within the void of uncertainty) … you know (this time, the words are spoken affirmatively, definitively, confidently). It’s not about what the idea is about … it’s the energy, the phenomenon of idea itself. The quality of that idea, irrespective of its content.

It also has something to do with individual expression. Is it your idea? Or is it someone else’s? How original is it? If it’s someone else’s, what do you think of it? What’s your take on it? Where do you stand in relation to it? Which part of you senses the idea the best?

How much energy is contained within your idea? Does it make you feel relaxed or active?

‘What makes a great idea?’ you ask … I don’t know, but I do know that we can recognise it and build that capacity of recognition. Just like training muscles in the gym. We build biceps. We can see them. We also build strength. We feel it. Same with brain muscles. We can train them. It’s not something I’d recommend doing all the time. Chilling out is important, but so is exercising the brain. Sit down (or stand, dance, lie, jump, whatever) to think. Flex those mental muscles. Do some mental sit ups and then see how your mind responds. Questions like that are just signs you know something, you just don’t know how to re-cognise it.”




One response

9 07 2010

you might be better at me with kids
i think i am enjoying working with adults now :)
excellent questions
and i am sure kids will come up with all kinds of answers…

these are definitely sections of a book
my friend :)

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