How do we know?

7 07 2010

“That’s a fantastic idea!”

I looked at David, my mind doing a double flip.

“Yes! But … here’s something … we both felt it … but how? How can you tell?”


“Forget the idea for a moment – how can you tell it’s a fantastic idea? What if we turned our way of thinking right round and decried any kind of ‘good / bad’ ‘fair / foul’ dualistic paired set of labels or thinking? Would we still think it was a fantastic idea? Would it still be a fantastic idea? How do we know? How can we tell?”

“We could … but we both agree that it is a fantastic idea … and I trust that feeling. Plus it makes sense. I’m mature enough not to worry about putting it through the cross-checking mangle to ensure the value is in the fabric, not the transient water which was clinging to it, or send the water to a mental lab to see if it was really Fanta clouding the results – heck, there may be a bit of both. We can think it. We can feel it. Feeling isn’t dualistic. It checks out rationally. It checks out emotionally Both are valid. It checks out on both levels.”

“Fair enough. Let’s agree that we’re being open and honest with ourselves, our thinking and our evaluation is correct … how did we get to it? I’m talking about that first moment of realisation. It’s certainly not conscious. Is it something like finding a perfect mathematical construction, but in the world of ideas, not numerical processes? Is there some kind of internal process going on like a gyroscope finding its own balance, spinning in harmony with its environment, like a mental gravitational pull, drawing our minds towards a spinning ‘sweet spot’?”

“Perhaps, but then who or what sets it in motion? What’s it responding to and why?”




One response

9 07 2010

zowee :)

how about if we have discrete dialogue
we each write a line/paragraph?

the dialogue structure is great and i think we can work on it
perhaps have a few imaginary characters or ourselves…

the content in terms of writing is very engaging
and in terms of concept/notion
self-righting system is worth a lot of examination…
if it is true
it is something we can use…
that is
of course it is true
we have a self-balancing homeostatic dynamic equilibrium process
going on in your heads for us to maintain our ego-contained consciousness

the trick is
coming up with a test to indicate whether it is
either in the purity of maths as a thought experiment
or something wider…

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