Thinking in public

7 07 2010

My preference is to do in public what I advise students to do … give people mythoughts, not my thought process. This is to avoid the awful ums, ers, embolalia that can mar public speaking. However, since this project is about the thought process itself, perhaps different rules apply.  

I am simultaneously both acutely conscious of my ignorance of anything but the most basic mathematical language and also celebrate that, as I come to your specialist subject as a neophyte and the knowledge that I’m no fool – just ignorant of that particular way of looking at things. It’s a unique viewpoint that has its advantages and disadvantages – simultaneously positive and negative.

As a result of my interest in rhetoric, I have delved into classical studies and see a possible connection in philosophical and/or mathematical logic … see


Perhaps there is a link within these disciplines to Applied XQ?

All the above serves is to outline a strand of my current thought processes around Applied XQ for what it’s worth. Do you see any connections yourself at first glance?




One response

9 07 2010

for sure
they are related
but i am not the one to relate them…

we are looking for low-hanging fruit
the simple things that trip up kids
that cause adults to get stuck inside their heads with iterative doomloops

low-hanging fruit like your applied XQ :)

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