13 07 2010

I promised David I’d post up the zen parable of ‘the vessel and the grain’ (although it’s not about them at all):

Skill creates the vessel to be filled.

But until the vessel is filled, its purpose is not fulfilled.

And until the vessel is created it has no purpose to fulfil.

If the grain for the vessel grows before the vessel,

It has no containment,

It spills and disperses.

A vessel without grain is barren;

Grain without its vessel is scattered,

And feeds neither mind nor body.

As the grain grows mysteriously,

The vessel is prepared.

The vessel-maker’s skill sings the song of the growing grain.

The grain, filled full of earth and sky,

Thrusts up to its fulfilment.

When the grain is ready,

The vessel must be ready.

The vessel-maker must not lag behind.



One response

16 07 2010

and I mean that

that develops naturally as we mature
the practice of consciously holding our awareness

I suspect my mind will come up with this metaphor…
though my metaphors generally spring from contemporary fields…

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