fractal derivation of π!!

27 10 2013


This is astounding, in my mind at least.

Basically, the table shows an approach to the point (-0.75,0) from above, that is (-0.75,X) as X tends to zero. It’s the bit of the Mandelbrot Set that connects the main bulb to the circular bulb on the left. The bizarre bit is, as we approach this point from above, the proximity to it derives π. That is, as we zoom in to this point, we get a more accurate enumeration of π itself.

I’ve been wondering about this for years, and was about to insert it into the book as a potential future result — and it has already been done.

Check out the original post, which records the history of it. Not sure what the purpose of contacting him is, but on the back of a conversation with Mariana Soffer, I’m thinking of periodicity of coding structures, conflating code processes into dynamic code elements; think animated gif or animate icon, but applied to code language itself.

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