applied XQ — what a leap!

3 11 2013

I took a massive leap the other day, in terms of math and psycho-social dynamics. I followed it with a second dive yesterday related more with the direct application of number to actuality, and a third today, where I explored SEA and its various value vectors.


the leap

I started off with the intention of being heavy on my coming death-day, to raise the stakes. Instead, I ended up applying number to language, and then developing a reflexive syntax, generating a fractal social algorithm Qunity, and creating a social contract with a viewer (or other person) that merges decision, hope, trust, power and all the good qualities that make is worthwhile to be human.

I recorded the leap, thankfully, as a textango, and have put it online, with the first 30 min of the first movement visible if one has the link. The second bit, as well as the second and third movement are private. The last movement is more of the ‘return’ from the dive, attempting to apply it to the real world, specifically to team Goose, Gunther, Sasha and Bernard, as well as genius Alex.

nervous second dive

I have shared this video now with 6 people, none of whom have replied. I don’t expect anyone to follow the line of thinking, but there is always hope.

So I conducted a second dive yesterday, with mixed results, attempting to apply the syntax to the application of number to actuality, and I got in a muddle with Bitcoin and Qubits. I have made the first part of the hour’s dive visible, and the rest is locked.

third dive and joy

I have been nervous because the territory explored is… not new exactly, but a conflation of a lot of thinking over the last decade and more. I have had very loose models of reality, minimal systems, and I was concerned that the leap I took with applying number to language and developing the syntax was into a territory that was… too large to explore.

Given time, given money flow, given relaxed conditions, I might be able to conduct this comfortably. Doing so under poor social, financial, material and temporal conditions, makes it all rather ‘pressured’, existentially. I got into this in a post I wrote yesterday on my main, more human blog.

I shall put up the initial track, and keep the other’s private. Although I conflate everything to something entirely meaningless, I feel that I have explored enough of the space to be assured that the task at hand is not impossible. It should be relatively easy to design an algorithm which combines people-money-time-resources using SEA value vectors and has touch-points with money and the current valuations of e.g. property. I do hope the guys, Gunther, Sasha, Doug and Brendan, get a sense of it, and manage to pull something practical from it.

in sum

So, I still don’t know if it has any meaning, actually. Which is why doing what I am doing… tricky, or even dangerous. Playing around with value equations, where one is uncertain of one’s value, is… a vulnerable thing to do. I hope one day you may appreciate this, whatever happens between us these days and over the coming months.
So, it’s not clear, and it’s not concrete, however, there is enough space to explore. I am not sure how useful it will be to concrete plans, but I am confident (to an extent, perhaps k=7) that we’ll be able to produce a simple enough equation for it to be useful in a first application. This may come more from your side (e.g. Sasha) than from mine, since I am approaching it from a generalised space, as usual. MTTP and SEA were penetrating results, but exploring the space around these, considering the variations, systemically, is a rather tricky task.

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