There are several XQ versions of the journey so far. “XQ simple” is small booklet which contains an exploration of subjective reflections of mathematical processes, This Side of Maths. These have been extracted from “XQ solution” which also contains a model of consciousness called the Mind-Drop Solution based mainly on buddhist accounts. Finally, there is the complete journey, “XQ Conditional”, which also includes more spurious explorations as well as setting the exploration in our time and place socially. The later is not for general publication since there are moral concerns regarding modelling consciousness in this day and age.

The central postulate for XQ is that there is another side to maths, a side that is not concerned with modelling things. The processes of counting, arithmetic, algebra, calculus, recursion have correlates in the concurrent processes of consciousness. The purpose of exploring XQ is not simply an intellectual endevour however interesting it might be, but the intention is to offer a means of bridging west and east through the medium of mathematics, the two great traditions of western science and eastern meditation.

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