applied XQ

Having met with Leon Conrad, the notion of applied XQ makes some kind of sense, like applied maths. That is, applying the new insights that XQ provides to one’s own personal mindset or ecology of mind. That is, the maths relationships are the purest forms of actual processes in the mind, and underly more traditional structures we are used to, the ones academics tend to bandy around in their category games.

The most significant application of XQ appears to be taking shape as ecological economics. The most cross-over to normal maths is the subjective enumeration-algorithm which enables standard maths upon subjectively generated numbers to enumerate trust. Other aspects appear to be the deceleration of money, eg £100-day per week for a season.

One response

4 07 2010
Leon Conrad

David –

I’m intrigued by your system, because I’ve never yet come across a satisfactory answer to questions like: Why do rhetorical devices work? Why do we respond in such a primal way to series of 3 (eg veni, vidi, vici [I came, I saw, I conquered])?
It’s a topic which has gnawed at me for years.

Recently I’ve been analysing the way politicians use words – particularly the differences between the scripts they release which get published and the video or audio recordings of their delivery. The changes are significant in terms of personal mental tendencies towards either binary or ternary forms.

The best orators are those who have command of variety of forms … and use them to create complex structures which serve their message. The problem with this is having to live up to the demands of these forms. So, if your theory of maths processes being allied to mental processes can furnish an answer to these questions … you bet I’m intrigued.

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