mapping social dynamics

26 09 2011

OK, when I wrote XQ Conditional, I made some faultering steps on mathematising consciousness. Very, very basic steps. Nowhere near an equation in sight. For some reason, as I approach the end of my fling with a Facebook community, The Next Edge, thoughts have occured regarding social dynamics. Perhaps spurred by this two hour video on Artificial General Intelligence, which to me holds some rather scary potential. Our system understanding of social emergence is pants in comparison.

Remember, this is after Wisdom, where the psycho-social concept actually revealed itself to be two different systems: the system going on in our heads, and the system going on out there. The out-there bit is predicated on our action, and consists of social objects. The in-here bit is predicated on our thought, beliefs, and so on. What we have in-here partially determines what happen out-there, but it doesn’t really matter what we think is going on.

Here’s a couple of thoughts regarding rates of change.

We are all on a continuum of how much change we think is possible. The more we are engaged with the current system, the more fixed we are about what can and can not happen. The top dog is essentially fixed in position, responsible to maintain it. The further out we are, the more flexibility in our thinking, the more we can see the bigger picture perhaps, unbounded by any specific institutional directive. There is a relativity of sorts going on here, socially constructed.

Things get ugly when two people from different systems engage, each embedded in their own. This is just about understandable for two companies competing in the same sector or domain, what about different companies from different silos? What about job system versus a governmental system versus the natural world system? Embedded systems. Messy.

Can’t be bothered writing this in html… gotta wait until I am off the ipad…. jeeez, the hassles…

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